March 1, 2024
a bath, swim and soak their feet. Slippers , towels and foot

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Liu Xia, a young member of the party branch of the Chonghuang Central Health Center and a director of the Finance Section, is a typical representative of the post-90s party members and cadres of the branch. Her thin figure always appears in every corner of the hospital. And her optimistic and cheerful character is like illuminating a ray of sunshine shrouded in the front separation area, which can always bring upward strength to everyone. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it is also the Spring Festival, and it is difficult to purchase goods. Every day, she has to drive a private car to the market and supermarket to buy supplies and food for the hospital. She always has a notebook in her hand, which closely classifies and records small daily necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, slippers, leather bands, etc., for fear that her mistakes will disrupt the work rhythm of the medical staff in the quarantine area. and intimate to formulate a reasonable diet mix of “three meals 1.1 fruits”, so that colleagues who struggle on the front line can feel the care of the party and the government and the intimate care of the hospital. Encourage them to continue to fight the “epidemic”.

Leave space in the middle of the porch cabinet for table design to facilitate the placement of keys, bags, umbrellas and other small items, which can improve the efficiency of entry and exit. Leave a space of 15-20cm at the bottom of the cabinet to accept indoor slippers or shoes that you often wear to make the room cleaner and cleaner.

Many people like to go to public places to take a bath, swim and soak their feet. Slippers, towels and foot basins in this place are all shared goods. Without health protection, it is easy to cause fungal infection, beriberi and cross-infection. Beriberi is very contagious, so it is recommended to use disposable products in public places.

A white-gray suit is worn on the body, advanced and comfortable, a white-gray coat with a light khaki fashion shirt, the whole shape shows the minimalist style, the lower body is the same white-gray casual pants, a pair of slippers on the feet, carry a delicate bag, the whole styling workplace style.

In public places like hotels, you should be more careful when checking in. Especially in some hotels where the environment is not good, it is best to bring their own personal belongings, including bedding, towels, slippers and so on. If the last check-in person is an STD patient and has used the items in the hotel, the hotel does not replace or wash them in time, there may be some germs in these articles. When people who check in later use these items, they may be infected with venereal diseases, especially when they come into contact with them in private.

The main causes of fungal infection are sweaty feet, often wearing tight, airtight shoes and socks, mixed shoes and socks, sharing towels and slippers, or walking barefoot in public bathrooms, gyms, swimming pools and other places.

In families and public places, we should also pay attention to the following matters to prevent the occurrence of tinea pedis: keep the family environment dry and clean, and disinfect the ground, toilets and other areas prone to fungi regularly. Avoid sharing personal hygiene items such as towels and slippers with others to reduce the risk of infection. In swimming pools, bath centers and other public places, try to wear slippers to avoid direct contact with the ground. Before using a public bath towel, check to see if it is clean, or bring your own personal bath towel.

Secondly, some patients with beriberi are treated with antifungal drugs and stop taking drugs when their symptoms improve slightly. In fact, fungi have not been completely wiped out, and they will “make a comeback” after a period of time, resulting in a “relapse”. Third, after some patients are cured, they may get beriberi again because they share slippers, basins, towels and other items with other beriberi patients, or when they come into contact with fungi on specific occasions such as swimming pools. This is called “reinfection”.

Swimming venues should also do a good job in hygienic management, such as formulating relevant health management systems, implementing a health commitment system for swimmers, and posting swimming ban signs (“No viral hepatitis A, viral hepatitis E, venereal diseases, infectious skin diseases, severe trachoma, acute conjunctivitis, otitis media, intestinal infectious diseases, heart disease, mental patients, alcoholics and other people not suitable for swimming”), and so on. If you provide customers with towels, bath towels, slippers or cups, you should also do a good job of cleaning, disinfecting and cleaning these public goods.